OLT, 5.30pm, Sat, 16 Jan
English, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam
85 minutes
Director: Sreejith Remanan
A project devised by the students of Hyderabad University, The Museum of Lost Pieces, begins with a number of pieces of a museum that come out, take on human forms, and start entertaining the audience with their spectacular skills that range from the adventurous to the risky, the magical  and the unbelievable. However, after some time the inner truth of all these pieces starts revealing itself. Shedding the complacency that surrounded them when they were mere showpieces in the museum, they take on new strength and decide to reveal the power of their essence to society. To do so they decide to perform a play, but things do not go as planned. Defeated by the forces of complacency, ignorance, and indifference, the pieces are forced to return to the museum and become their old lifeless selves. Key Players: Aditi C, Athmaja, Esunath (Rathod),T. Ram Mohan, V. Riteesh, D. Ramanjaneyulu, N. Sana, P. Vengal Rao
Black Cats & Shadows: Ifra Kak, Amit Kumar Mishra, V. Abhimanyu, Amit Roushan, Kona Venu, Naveen, Saurabh Gharipurikar, S. Govindarao, Rama Pati, Dwivid Soti

Music: Sri Sai Ram Musical Band, Pavan, Sri Sai Ram, Kiran, Raju
Sets: Hariprasad
Music: Chanthu.S
Dance Steps: Girish Chandra and Vidya
Announcer: Thushara C. Mohanan
Costume & Make-up: Karthik and Athmaja
Property: Karthik, Jigesh
Production Coordinator:  Supriya Shukla
Technical Co-ordinator  : Shaik John Bashur
Technical In-Charge: P. Nagaraju
Publicity: Murali Basa
Publicity Collaterals: Aswathy, Viju & Anoop Increment Lang. Solns.
Documentation: K.R. Vinayan
Stage Manager: Y. Venkata Balakrishna
Light Design:  Venkata Naresh Burla and Murali Basa
Production Manager: Venkata Neresh Burla
Dramaturgy: N.P. Ashley
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