LTG, 7.00 pm, Sun, 10 Jan
Tangkhul Dialect, 120 minutes
Playwright: Ashing Zimik
Director: S. Thaninleima
The play tells the tragic love story of Ashang, the son of a rich family, and Aton, the daughter of a poor widow. Despite knowing the depth of their son’s feelings, Ashang’s family refuses to accept her as their daughter-in-law. One day Aton’s mother receives a marriage proposal for her from the son of the neighboring King, and she accepts. On the day of the wedding she invites Ashang, gets him drunk, and marries off her daughter. When Ashang wakes up it is too late. Realizing that he has lost his beloved Aton forever, he stops eating and starts becoming increasingly weak. Finally, when all else fails, his mother goes to Aton’s mother for help. Moved by her plight, somehow Aton’s mother manages to bring Aton to meet Ashang at his house. Over there Aton feeds him poisoned rice and wine and kills herself too. As Ashang’s parents realize that their son is dead they finally accept their defeat at the hands of his love. Shimreishang: Tamreiso
Maitonphi: NG. Khamreila
Asang Shava: NK. Ningshang
Asang Shava: NG. Horthingchon
Ato Sharva: AS. Chanreiphi
Awunga: AS. Yaongam
Aye Kashar: Sorinchon Zimik
Asang Wui Ngashot Nao: AS. Mahaingam

Yaron ngla: NG. Yaimila, NG. Sorinmi, Y. Purnima, W. Apana, Sunita, Mahochan Zimik, NG. Khayinpam, AS. Areithei, NK. Layik, NK, Chinaongam
Stage Manager: Okendro
Set and Props: Sunil

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